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3 steps to sell your property

It is decided, you change your life and you have decided to sell your property. Whether this is your first purchase or a secondary home, selling a property is not to be taken lightly and requires skill and patience. According to the various studies, our experience and that of our colleagues, the sale of a property is often realized in more than 6 months.

Whether it is an apartment, a house, a land or a business, everything begins with an estimate of its property. Our qualification as a real estate expert allows us to certify a fair price and thus save you time and money. An accurate, complete and accurate estimate of your real estate is essential for a quick transaction. The estimation of a property is not improvised and relies on many precise parameters and a standard specifications.

The second step is to let all prospects know that your property is for sale. For this, taking photos, writing an immbolière ad and publishing it on various websites with high traffic is essential. Again, take advantage of our daily experience.

Finally, know that the development of your property is also a judicious and necessary step to promote a sale. Free your pieces from bulky furniture and decorative items. Enjoy a home staging session to put all the odds on your side.

Why should you sell your property to an agency?

Thanks to the web and the numerous sites of sale between individuals, you have certainly wanted to publish your ad yourself. Nothing very complex at first. You write your ad by describing your property as well as possible, decorating your text with one or more photos and publishing the ad. And in addition, everything is free (well not always but pass). Why deprive yourself. Many individuals sell their property this way. Why not you ?

So, what is a real estate agency ?

Our job as certified real estate experts is to let you benefit from our know-how to optimize the sale of your property. Our work guarantees that you can sell your property more quickly and at the best price, even in a market in crisis.

Experience is an important argument. As an individual, selling a property is an exceptional process. Conversely, as consultants and real estate experts, we work there every day. And we sell dozens of real estate every year.

We have expertise to estimate your property but also to write a perfect real estate ad for your potential customers. We have a prospect portfolio thanks to our reputation over the years. In addition to our website, we have a customer database that we contact by email.

Our advertising network allows us to publish your property on high traffic websites. Finally, we also have expertise in negotiation.

Estimate the price of his house

You will certainly realize an added value on the sale of your property. We are able to advise you and advise you on tax rates that have undergone significant changes since September 1st, 2013 or on the various costs necessary for the sale of your property. Whether it is between individuals or agencies, the various real estate diagnostics are mandatory to make realize.

Finally, keep in mind that we sell many houses in Nice and on all the azure side throughout the year. We have an experience of several years and have inevitably forged professional links with the various real estate players such as notaries, diagnostic professionals, lawyers ... And we have many prospects who trust us to find their future home . And maybe it's yours

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